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Abdul Waheed Scholarship - Type I

This scholarship is aimed at extending a helping hand to talented studentsand is also aimed at being a source ofencouragement for them and others to do better.

This scholarship is to be awarded to three students as follows:

On Admission:

Grant of Scholarship to the extent of half Tuition Fee to ONE student of Highest merit.  Grant of Scholarship to TWOStudents to the extent of 25% of the Tuition Fee. These students will be those who have Second and Third merit. Where there are more than one student at any Position the maximum total number of awardees will remain three.

Subsequent years:

The scholarship will pass on to those who have stood first, Second and Third from amongst the College Students in the UHS Professional Examination.

All Scholarship Holders will have to retain their position if they are to continue to retain a scholarship. Failure to retain any of the three positions will result inseizure of Scholarship for award to a better student (those who have secured the desired position).

In case of identity of Marks etc between two contestants, the decision of the Academic Council of Avicenna Medical College will be final.


Abdul Waheed Scholarship - Type II

TWO students shall beeducatedwithout being charged any Tuition Fee. This way the Trust shall be spending 30 lakhs on each student in 5 years.

This Scholarship shall be awarded to the most deserving students who have a very good merit but are otherwise not able to afford education in a Private Medical College. An elaborate system is in place to select such students.

These students shall be required to show good results and good behavior throughout their stay at the College as any poor performance shall result in the withdrawal of the scholarship irrespective of the consequences good or bad for the student. The decision of the Trust shall be final and not subject to arguments or litigations.