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MBBS Programme

Benefit From A Technology-rich Learning Environment

What is it like to study at Avicenna Medical College?

Key facts

  • Technology-enriched. State-of-the-art learning resources offer inspiration at your fingertips.
  • Academic feedback challenges you to keep improving.


Learning Environment

Studying at Avicenna Medical College and its affiliated teaching hospitals is one of the most exciting and rewarding things you will ever do. You will be exploring a subject that really interests you, meeting new people and taking advantage of great opportunities. At Avicenna Medical College, our aim is to provide a stimulating environment, state-of-the-art resources, and a curriculum designed to help you gain the skills and experience to make the most of your future. Much of your learning will depend on how you use the learning resources, the extent to which you participate in discussions and group work, and how you tackle assignments and assessments. Learning and teaching activities will usually involve large-group teaching combined with smaller-group activities.


Study Success

When you arrive at Avicenna Medical College, you will have a well-designed induction make the most of our technology-enriched environment and learning resources, including Skills Lab.


Scheduled Contact Time

At Avicenna Medical College, the scheduled contact time you receive is made up of lectures, seminars, tutorials and laboratory work. Moreover, rotations in the different clinical departments under the guidance and supervisor-ship of seasoned clinical teachers of attached teaching hospitals help you to develop clinical skills and help to get exposure of both urban and rural health problems.



"Being more than halfway done with medical school, I can still honestly say that Avicenna Medical College was best for me. The students here work hard while still being social and having fun. Clinically, we get exposure to a variety of patient populations both of urban and rural areas in the state of art attached teaching hospitals which I do not t think I would've experienced otherwise. No medical school is perfect, but Avicenna Medical College has been able to meet academic needs while making medical school enjoyable. The wide variety of practical and theoretical work means each day is different! The lecturers are committed to helping you not only gain a degree but deliver the best possible care to patients.”