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Board of Governors


  • General (R) Rizwan Qureshi                 Chairman BOGs
  • Mr. Malik Asif Hayat                              Ex. Vice Chairman Federal Service Commission
  • Mr. Hayat-Ullah-Khan Sumbal             Secretary to Govt. of Pakistan (Retd)
  • Mr. Abdul Waheed Sheikh                    Founder & Chairperson AWT and Chairman Avicenna Medical College
  • Dr. Gulfreen Waheed                            Co-Chairperson and Principal
  • Brig Dr. Gut e Raana                              Medical Education Specialist
  • Mr. Naveed Rasool Mirza                      Distinguished Lawyer
  • Mr. Allah Buksh Ranjah                         Snr. Member of Judicial Service
  • Prof. Dr. Mian Abdul Rashid                 Renowned Educationist
  • Mr. Fandel Sheikh                                   Director Aadil Hospital-Trustee
  • Dr Najla Fasih                                          Snr Radiologist Ottawa Hospital-Trustee
  • Mr. lmran Hussain                                  C.E.O. Green Studio’s Architects
  • Mr. Fazilda Nabeel                                  Research Analyst & Educationist Trustee
  • Shandana Sheikh                                    MBA, Trustee
  • Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tayyab               Prof. of Ophthalmology SIMS
  • Prof Dr. Rehana Shahid                         Dean of Avicenna Medical College